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ACM Composite Bearings

Outstanding performance in stern tube and rudder applications Composite bearings have been formulated from a high load composite bearing material constructed from a synthetic fibre reinforced thermoset resin and incorporates lubricating additives. This provides excellent mechanical strength, together with a low coefficient of friction, delivering excellent performance in marine environments. L2 Marine is a high load composite bearing material that has been specifically formulated for marine environment applications.

Stern tube seals

Lip seals, in which a number of flexible membranes in contact with the shaft, prevent the passage of fluid along the shaft.

Radial face seals, in which a wear-resistant face fitted radially around the shaft, is in contact with similar faces fitted to the after bulkhead and to the after end of the stern tube. A spring system is necessary to keep the two faces in contact.

Anti corrosion and protection coating

Marine Valves & Fittings

concentric butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, metal seated butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve, hard seal gate valve, dual plate check valve, swing check valve, Y strainer and other products